Milestones We Have Achieved
1. First in India to set up a State of the Art Automatic Aerosol Plant in 1985.
2. First in India to launch Aerosol Products with environment (Ozone) friendly propellant (LPG).

First in India to be awarded an export order of Aerosol/Liquid - 4 million units comprising of 350.
Container Loads within 3 months.

4. First to develop & manufacture the following Aerosol & Non Aerosol products in India for various Multinationals:
  Alcohol based Deodorant –
Aerosol & Roll on
  Non-Alcohol based Deodorant –
Aerosol & Roll on
  Anti-Perspirants –
Aerosol & Roll on
  Shaving Foam (Aerosol)   Shaving Creams / Shave Gels   After Shave Lotion
  Dry Air Fresheners   Water-based Air Fresheners   No-Stick Cooking Sprays
  Foot Sprays   Antiseptic Sprays   Hand Sanitizers
  Hair Styling Gels   Face Wash   Glass Bottle Perfumes
  Mouth Wash   Tooth Paste   Delay Spray for Men
  Lubricating Gel   Pain Relief Spray   Body Wash Gel / Shower Gel
  Hand & Body Lotion   Dishwashing Liquid Detergents   Carpet Cleaners
  Glass Cleaner   Audio-Video Head Cleaners   Insecticide Sprays
  Maintenance Sprays   Spinnerate Sprays / Silicone Sprays   Automotive Aerosols
5. First to comply to Aerosol Safety Guidelines - NFPA - 30 B.
6.   First to offer Aerosol, Liquid, Cream, Lotion, Deo Stick & Sachet under one roof.
7.   Commissioned New Technology Centre
Incoming Q.C. of RM/PM
Batch Analysis of Finished Batches
Analysis of Finished Goods
Microbial Analysis
8. As of beginning of 2008, Accra Pac has manufactured more than 250 products for over 60 customers.