Behind these PRODUCTS that are part of modern day living,
lies TECHNOLOGY that is mastered by few and perfected by ONE - ACCRA PAC
Personal Care Products  
Hair Care : Shampoos, Conditioners, Hair Sprays, Mousses and Styling Aids
  Personal Hygiene : Deodorants, Anti-Perspirants, Shave Creams, Shave Gels, Aftershaves, Perfumes, Colognes, Shoe Deodorant, Mineral Water Spray and Feminine Hygiene Sprays
  Oral Care : Toothpastes and Mouth Rinses
  Skin Care : Body Washes, Skin Lotions, Hand Soaps, Skin Moisturizers and Depilatories (Hair Removal Cream)
  Baby Care : Baby Shampoos and Baby Lotions.
Medicated Products  
Over-The-Counter Medicated : Medicated Shampoos, Dermatological Creams, Sunscreens, Sunblocks, Foot Sprays, Contraceptive Foams, Hand Sanitizers and Antiseptic Sprays.
Specialty Food Products  
Cooking Ingredients : No-Stick Sprays.
House hold Products  
Fabric Care : Spray Starches
  Cleaners : All Purpose Cleaners, Window Cleaner, Degreasers, Ammonia, Toilet Bowl, Bathroom Cleaners and Oven Cleaners
  Carpet Care : Carpet Cleaners and Spot/Stain Removers
  Home Care : Air Fresheners, Disinfectants, Furniture Polish and Lubricants
  Dish Care : Liquid Dishwashing Detergents.
Automotive Care  
Care Products
: Automotive Tire and Glass Care, Protectants and Cleaners, Car Fresheners.
Industrial Care  
Care Products
: Silicone, Lubricating Oil, De-Greaser, Maintenance Sprays,  Dusters (Key Board Cleaners), Refrigerants.
Killers : Crawling Insect, Flying Insect, Ant, Cockroach, Mosquito
  Repellants : Insect Repellant Sprays and Creams.