We believe in and are committed to Total Quality Management (TQM).

TQM at Accra Pac will provide the necessary environment for participation in problem solving and decision making by everyone in the Company. We strive for continuous quality improvements in our daily activities as our business and customers demand it in the products and services we provide. TQM is a never-ending and ongoing process which requires commitment; a commitment from every employee to ensure that our products and services are the best they can be; that our customers can depend upon our consistent Quality as a feature of every Accra Pac Product and Service; that we

demonstrate leadership in our industry through Quality.

The pursuit of Quality is a way of life at Accra Pac. The undersigned have made a personal commitment to the philosophy that Total
Quality Is The Key To Our Future.
  Our Guarantee
  Accra Pac provides efficient service, giving you the most value for your packaging investment. Every product has its specifications
listed in our Total Service Manual. The TSM guides your products from formulation through manufacturing.

Our inspection process meets rigorous standards. We ensure precision throughout all stages of your product's development. Our
plant operates under Current Good Manufacturing Practices procedures and conforms to both local and international regulatory
authorities including the FDA and EPA.